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Business Transformation & Commerce

A new system to digitally supercharge your business. We accelerate our clients and partners innovation advantage through an entrepreneurial mindset. Combining the speed, agility, perspective and creativity of a start-up with industry defining and best practice delivery capability. We help our partners to unlock new revenue streams and increase their relevance, engagement and contextual nuances for a new generation of customers and new luxury behaviour. An innovative new system for next generation customer centricity. The core philosophy and foundation of our commerce work is that brand value, member value, societal value and environmental value could align to meet higher ROIs and when it does, it should deliver industry leadership for our partners, exponentially achieved with a collaborative ecosystem for the transformation economy.

Data Science & Algorithms

Our use of advanced algorithms, analytics, knowledge of cutting-edge software and technologies is focused on the transformative omni-channel experience to a core strategy with digital for deeper customer insights and engagement.  Connecting your brand in a highly personalized way, with a diversity of experiences across multi-dimensional data categories.  Our technical detail and sophisticated engineering rigour provides the means to operate at speed and scale, without compromise and with a proven track record of innovation. The result is always a simpler, smarter, faster solution that will outperform expectations. Motivated by engineering frictionless solutions that endure and ideas previously thought impossible, we deliver the work that creates new categories and redefines existing ones.


World-class capabilities and experience, delivering a sustained, integrated, measurable ecosystem that provides competitive advantage as an industry, and a collaborative vertically integrated fashion system with an open and synergistic value chain, helping partners successfully navigate the digital world, with meaningful and actionable data insights that connects with an influential and curious global community of style and wellness connoisseurs.

The fashion industry generates $2.5 trillion in revenue per year and is expected to double in the next 5 years.

a Transformative fashion SYSTEM




New global flows, trades and connections to supercharge your digital business. From global markets and locales to the specific needs and desires of an individual. A conscious and concerted effort to bridge the fragmentation in the fashion industry, global and local economies and their direct, indirect, induced and total impacts for a new world of next generation customer centricity.

Artémis invites the best the world has on offer to list their programs and contribute to a comprehensive online resource for the fashion industry, luxury industry and lifestyle brands on our curated platform that reaches seasoned and aspiring style collectors and creators alike. We believe that an inter-connected system will offer a best in class digital luxury experience.  It's about creating an accessible and modular system that can be customized to drive relevance for the way they live. We surface the best products and services; inspire creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation and create a global system that recognizes every part of the globe -- from major cities to rural villages, developing unprecedented growth, collaboration and initiatives.

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next generation connectivity FOR BRANDS, BUSINESSES, SERVICES & APPS.




Fashion designer archives and reissues

Fashion designer archives and reissues





Our platform is embedding technology into our core business thinking to deliver an inter-connected system, an array of partner tools, actionable data and exceptional customer centric experiences for our members and partners, utilizing AI and next generation agile retailing capabilities, within a data rich environment and collaborative approach. Learn more.


Inspired by the technology brands who made cultural experiences more accessible around the world. Pandora for music, Netflix for film, Artsy for art. Making fashion's unique qualities and characteristics accessible to all. Learn more.


Creating more transparency throughout the entire fashion supply chain to bring a more circular economy to fashion with emotional durable design, more sustainable practices and transformative solutions.  Learn more.

Inter-connecting 190+ countries to bridge the transnational fragmentation within a luxury environment and a highly engaged audience, where each member is uniquely serviced by Artemis and our partner ecosystem.  Learn more about the Artemis Member Experience

Artémis Members

We attract a sophisticated global audience who are driven by self actualization and experiences to create their life story. Our members are driven by passion, by their wants, needs, goals and dreams. Our aim is to constantly push into new creative territories, ensuring a highly personalized experience for optimized lifestyle performance. As part of their new bespoke luxury service, it is about informing and servicing our members in a highly personalized way within a state of the art digital luxury experience, wherever they may be in the world. Coverage is everything from architecture to motoring, fashion to travel, interiors to jewellery, macarons to soul cycle. Our members are voracious, educated and discerning consumers with spending power. These collectors, curators, creators and influencers of style, live and breathe fashion, architecture and interiors and are often leaders in these fields, while also attracting those with a growing interest in fashion and cultural experiences, to improve the overall quality of their life. We nurture aficionados who are passionate about design in all forms and appreciate genuine luxury from the occasional treat to those who simply uncompromising about having it in every part of their lives. Whether searching for a beautiful luggage or a stunning dining table, they look to Artémis for fashion, luxury and lifestyle recommendations with both style and substance, for their ever refining tastes and fascinations.





Make it easy to be found, followed and recommended, in a highly relevant and personalized way.  Artémis provides a personalized brand page to provide context to fashion industry offerings, organized by countries, cities, towns and villages. Everyone wins when businesses benefit from an inter-connected system, imagine a world where consumers can enjoy the ease of a personalized style destination and where your business can endeavour to meet much of their needs and desires within an ecosystem. Promote your programming amongst global partners and engaged members. Build a follower base of Artémis members and global partners who receive targeted emails and notifications when you add new information and listings. Experience transformative commerce capabilities, precision genoming, new scopes of data applications and AI relevance to member customizations for their lifestyle performance and yours.

Fashtech Ecosystem

  • Government: Tourism, Trade & Culture

  • Global and local brands, businesses, services and apps

  • Fashion Supply Chain

  • NGO's

  • Events (Fashion Week, Awards, Grants, Presentations)

  • Education (local and international)

  • Sustainability: (startups, eco-fashion - use of new raw materials, educating consumers and policy makers on textile recycling collection, emotional durable design, curatorial approach to fashion buying)

  • Digital & Innovation

  • Retailers & Shopping Experience (Global & Local)

  • Investment (commercial traction info for Investors, driving image of constituents, people as an attractive element, excitement of talent, fashion supply chain such as manufacturing, artisans, craftsman, technology, entrepreneurs, designers)

  • Cultural Soft Power (Increasingly develop reputation for professionalism, creativity, promoting cultural programs and talent, attracting new audiences)

  • Corporate & Fashion Brand's Image & Affiliation (style, sponsorship)

  • Modelling (represent country on international stage)

  • Fashion Photography & Fashion Arts

  • Fashion Stylists, Make-up Artists, Prop Designers, Retail Architects

  • Fashion Media (authority on fashion within country, international attendance at Fashion Week and as Ambassadors to Multi-national brands)

  • Blogger & Social Media Influencer (new talent with global influence that connects directly with consumers based on authentic communication)

  • Fashion Executives, Academics, Experts, Professionals, Consultants, Workers

  • Global Fashion Councils



Artemis Global Fashtech Ecosystem Initiative

Artemis Global Fashtech Ecosystem Initiative

In addition to public promotion and affiliates, Artémis partners have access to our cloud-based Content Management System (CMS) to directly manage their brand personalized dossier and invite colleagues, partners and customers. Update your listings and profile page in real time. Identify opportunities that align with your network of most influential constituents and drives your unique participation in an exciting new global ecosystem that accelerates growth as a strong contributor to your overall economy. Strengthen your brand, international profile and individual engagement.


Partner services

Partner services from omni-channel to digital world. From acquisition, activation, retention, referral to revenue. Learn more about our partner services here.


Agile retailing capabilities

To truly build empathy for customers, understand diverse attitudes, shopping occasions, need states and build them into an attitudinal orientation, we're designing experiences layered onto the customer database in order for our partners to be able to act on it and deliver on relevant and personalized messaging that increases relevance for our members. 

  • Built-in tools to optimize your commerce and engagement within a state of the art digital flagship experience fashion gallery, concept shop, discover room, culture bar and more

  • Real-time activations and nuanced social data features 

  • Highly targeted recommendations and relevance

  • Macro, micro, contextual and high signal data permissions

  • Style evergreen experiences with lifestyle compilations

  • Access to on-demand digital stylist and expert network

  • Supply chain and distribution optimiziation

  • Opportunities to create special programs for your most discerning customers

  • Open source opportunities for partners in retail, etail, brands, creators, media

  • Be on hand to service customers wherever they are, with a touch or tap of a button


Ecosystem analytic benefits & reportage  

Inter-connect and build with a global fashion, luxury and lifestyle database that is focused on next generation customer centricity

  • Partner services and affiliate sales revenues and sell through data

  • Targeted and relevant promotion of your business

  • Overall positions in the structure and value chain of the ecosystem

  • Brand performance benefits of Artemis data science, AI and engineering capabilities as part of your team

partner services, tools & RESOURCES

Directly manage your business profile and engagements with a cloud based ecosyStem dashboard

Artémis' Brand Personalized Dossier and Portfolio provides a beautiful presentation tool for real-time updates, analytics and a view that continually refreshes new routes to your strategic goals.  Identify new opportunities for programs and collaborations. Access innovative reportage about your most influential products and continues to shape how you engage and attract a global market of style consumers in unprecedented ways.

Benefit for the client

  • Transformative and vertically-integrated fashion, luxury and lifestyle industry

  • Your brands, products and services within a state of the art fashion, luxury and lifestyle digital world with an engaged global audience

  • Personalized and relevant relationship engagement and development

  • Deep cultural insights

  • Increased revenue through relevant targeting

  • Product & supply chain innovation

  • Company profiling at member's fingertips


Imagine the possibilities of a next generation customer centric and collaborative ecosystem for your brand

When it means we know who can deliver the best experience for global members with their on-demand enquiry and who can actually fulfill their online purchase requirements, whether it's same day delivery or the closest location to try-on a dress.

When it means we know what brands, services and experiences are most relevant to our members needs and desires at any given moment in time.

When it means that they have instant analysis to where they can pick up your goods or experience your offerings where they live or anywhere in the world they may be.  

When it means we tend to know when to be highly attentive to their requests because we are exceptionally optimized for the privilege of their shared needs and desires.

When it means we know why we're providing high touch services for the subtlety of their signals.

Brand Personalized Dossier & Portfolio

Be inspired every day with new customer insights and modes of authentic engagement

Every Partner works closely with an Artémis Liaison who will assist with the setup process and serve as your dedicated contact for ongoing questions and support. You can also read and subscribe to our Global Fashtech Ecosystem Insights Newsletter.




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