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Luxury fashion AI

Digital and data native company, algorithmic drive, economies of scale. Transforming the fashion, luxury and lifestyle industry into a collaborative vertically-integrated ecosystem for a new era of sophisticated customer centricity, so our members can focus on living the best lives they imagine for themselves and our world.


A New Kind of Fashion. The Humanity of Commerce

Artemis is a next generation company with emotionally durable design principles and design thinking across our value chain. We embed technology into our core business and ecosystem thinking, as we set forth to transform new standards of normal that is about innovative, collaborative and inter-connected solutions that creates value for our members, talents, partners, community and society as a whole. We find a unique purpose in playing our small part in participating in solving some of the world's complex and emerging issues, for an inclusive society. That means our AI is optimized through sophisticated data sets to solve for ever evolving human experiences.



United Nations Sustainable Development Goals



The New Bespoke Luxury

The Art of Living Well, Your Way

Luxury is the expression of a taste, of a creative identity; luxury makes the bold statement “this is what I am

The warmest in luxury fashion AI. We offer the ultimate fashion, luxury and lifestyle curation from around the world, combined with a lifestyle performance guide. From our own new luxury collections to magical combinations of $4 pastel ankle socks, direct to consumer from a remote Peruvian village to pair with those glimmering bronze Italian made stilettos to items of extreme luxury. We mix and match from a global selection of partners. Personalized for each member, for their essential luxuries.

The new bespoke luxury is effortless and fun and also deeply personal. Whether enjoying the power and speed of e-tail or fancy a walk into our showroom salon & boudoir or on a mission to live life to the fullest, we uniquely service each member's ever refining tastes and fascinations.


The first of its kind

A passion for all things cultural and creative meets the emotion of fashion, the power of technology and the spirit of digital that connects us all


We're exploring what luxury means for the next generation, be it time, more experiences, knowledge, experimentation, more possibilities, a return to innocence, health and well being, feeling good, to be who you are and most importantly that it resonates with your life story. We're also exploring the relationship between extravagance and innovation and how that relates to feats of humanity.

The essence of Artemis is found in the harmonious intersection of one’s desires, moments to experience new routes and amazement. Such is art, it offers a surprise to our reality. Such is luxury, it adds to our pleasure and comfort.

Our vision of fashion as a force for good, encompasses a view to connect the world through a sustainable fashion system as a foundation to a more humanistic commerce experience. From our state of the art digital and mobile flagship; our experiences; to the communities; and world in which we operate. A key area is with more accessibility to quality made products from around the world at every fashion segment to better reflect the reality of a global cultural cooperation and vertically integrates the global fashion, luxury and lifestyle industry.

We are focused on next generation customer centricity and best in class luxury servicing that aligns with the way most people shop ever increasingly from mobile and experience life. Our members shop across fashion categories, mixing and matching or are aspirational, creating individual looks to suit ones style needs to suit their lifestyle, values and needs. Fulfilling this desire, with a focus on the person, with the individual remaining very strong, while bridging the world of luxury in a more meaningful way across the luxury spectrum from entree to bespoke. In our DNA, it is about servicing the ever refining needs of each member and is also about diversity, inclusivity and collaboration. We're working to bring a circular economy to the fashion industry with emotionally durable design experiences, in as much as inter-connecting the world with a macro micro view to provide our members with a global offering of exceptionally made products, experiences and a new world of vibrant personas and the authentic pleasures of these energetic footprints. Delivering on-demand with immediacy combined with the gratification for the carefully crafted and the thrill of the hunt for the one of a kind and in an accessible way.  


We explore the interplay, interactions and intersections of fashion, luxury, commerce, creativity, culture, technology and the modern life in an inter-connected global and digital world.



The value and beauty of real experiences. The human qualities, the meaningful connections and moments that shape life stories.

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Our Namesake

Artemis is an ancient Olympic Greek goddess.

She carries a bow and is a hunter - a competitor - but also a protector of nature, virtues we admire.  We look around her to her influences, she is twin to Apollo and her family includes: AresAthenaAphrodite, DionysiusHebeHermesHelen of TroyHephaestusPerseusMinosThe MusesThe Graces. She is daughter to Zeus and Leto and in other myths, daughter to Dionysius and Isis. We reference the origins to her multi-dimensionality and timeless modern qualities. She embodies freedom and independence and is also known to be a nurturer. Her archetype spirit of fierce self-determination resonates with contemporary reality, exploring daring new frontiers and the pursuit of excellence. As a result; she illuminates and emboldens.  


The Artemis craftsmanship codes, moments, contextual awareness, deep learning programs, AI, natural language processing carries her name purely and runs independent missions on behalf of our members with a universally free AI, that aligns with our core mission, vision and values


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THE Artemis experience

That wellness starts from the design of our ecosystem and that we have the drive and commitment to solve the big problems we’ve set out to do -- from moving the fashion industry to sustainable performance leadership to a new generation of consumer centricity, that’s interconnected to our world. Contextual awareness that empowers the consumer.  Innovative capabilities to create new global flows and trades that unlock global SME value for capital allocation so as to positively benefit society and the economy. And, do that in a way that creates products you love on this shared journey, make it fun and playful, with that feeling of a sense of magic every day. With our luxury atmosphere, it is a diversity of the contemporary and emerging. While there are many references to the traditional sense of luxury, of works in pursuit of elevating to the highest art form, performance, the best of human achievement, it’s designed only as a reference point, while being open to a new generation of innovation, creativity and imagination. These distinct qualities is the shared luxury of humanity and has what continually evolved us all, as individuals and as a whole. Luxury doesn’t always mean that it has to be stuffy and inaccessible, nor does it have to be the most expensive. We believe that the world is a treasure trove to be cared for and that many of life’s greatest luxuries are free, whether it’s the forests we hike or the ocean’s we swim in, welcome to a new generation of luxury.



To bring inspiration and innovation to people’s lives every day and make luxury looks and experiences more of an everyday possibility
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Fashion as a force for good — To accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable consumerism and empower human energy to fulfill evermore dreams, needs and experiences.

A unified fashion industry data infrastructure and a world of essential luxuries at your fingertips. Consumer knowledge meets multi-dimensional contextual awareness. In the next modern wave, we envision a digital oasis where the products, services and experiences reserved for the happy few are available to all, creating more of the special and a continuous inter-connecting of luxury that is inclusive, honest and democratic.  The humanity of commerce we envision is about inspiring more collectors, curators, creators and influencers of style, in as much as helping to guide the fashion curious, discovering more of the unique and taste for the collectible. We draw on a wide range of skills in pursuit of ambitious creative, environmental, human, social and technological objectives. Driven by a permanent quest for innovation and a deeply embedded culture of excellence, that informs our product ranges and nurtures the diversity and growth of our fashtech ecosystem. Continuously developing a highly personalized suite of high touch meets deep tech services for our consituents. Bridging the fragmentation in the fashion industry, encouraging a new world of fashion, changing how fashion is bought, sold, discovered and experienced in the process.  We see a world where more consumers will identify with fashion throughout their life as connoisseurs who understand the qualities and characteristics of quality made products and the value of ethical and sustainable products in an inter-connected world. Cultivating patrons of style for a digital world, a world of active style and cultural participants -- collecting and procuring  becoming the new reality of consumer behaviour, as will the understanding of the value of their purchases to affect change throughout the entire fashion ecosystem -- creating a new kind of global economic landscape, perhaps a more humanistic approach to capitalism that creates built-in value for everyone, yet nurtures the individual, optimizing for humanity and a more open and connected world.

As partners, we are committed to developing an inter-connected global fashtech ecosystem; mapping and connecting the fashion industry with a fashion genome project, while better servicing consumers on the qualities and characteristics, the fashion pipeline and fashion products; featuring creators and the creations of exceptionally made products and services from around the world and developing better tools on our platform to feature, monetize, promote and create awareness and  an open source technology philosophy that spreads global innovation with our initiatives.

All the essential luxuries of the modern life and delivering reasonable and accessible luxury through the Artémis collections that are effortless, essential and evolving while connecting the best brands and services and the best of technology from around the world. Within our brand experience, our services will provide a 360 lifestyle view for your passions - your wants, needs, goals and dreams to create the lives our members wish for themselves - celebrating and creating a perpetual energy of youthful freedom -- to live boldly, live well, live with passion. As a next generation company, it's about  rethinking established legacy systems so that our goals align with your goals and a sustainable environmental story to inspire our partners and stakeholders for a more emboldened future of possibilities, opportunities and positive impact for our members and our world.


Artémis Reads: UN Documents "Our Common Future"

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To develop a built-in system that lays the foundation for perpetual creativity in synergy with deep tech to unlock global economic value and a new path for capital allocation by enabling businesses to grow on our platform while providing sophisticated data capabilities and tools.

A great luxury will always be to have the capabilities, resources and access to create. To have the freedom, independence, strength and courage of will and imagination.  The luxury to understand the distinctions, the differences, the diversity that has brought us the world's cultural treasure trove of creativity throughout time.

We're at an unprecedented intersection of modernity, we stand for the authentic and cohesive balance of fashtech deliverables and capabilities, we find the poetry in both, to create something more transcendent. As we move into the transformation economy, technological advances has brought humanity accelerated access to information and opportunities within a global backdrop where the economic divides of people is reaching vast, if not expansive gaps.To bridge these gaps, we find a special purpose through our work with the elevation of the creative classnext generation entrepreneurs who are an essential element to any local fabric to those from around the world whose works aims to bridge the world and understanding of the issues of our time. Our approach at once couples more pragmatic and visionary social and cultural narratives emerging towards a more hopeful future for all. We work to promote a healthy competition of creativity and innovation as a basis in the work that we do. The Artemis platform is built to provide the space and the cultural stimulation that nurtures creativity and new luxuries, no matter where you are in the world. We look at the opportunities the fourth industrial revolution brings to improve the quality of life for people around the world. We think the promise of a more hopeful future is in the combination of the creative, innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, we plan to participate in supporting and creating change with every area of our activities, creating a wealth of new experiences, innovations and opportunities for our talents, stakeholders, members and partners through:

  • Our collections & supply chain;
  • Our member and partner platform & tools;
  • Our technological capabilities;
  • Our global network, partner programs and partnerships;
  • Our campaigns; 
  • Our initiatives: Global Fashtech Ecosystem, Fashion Genome Project, Fashion's Green Credentials;
  • Our special projects and collaborations;
  • Our commitments;
  • Artemis Foundation
Direct Impact  Retail, Wholesale, Manufacturing, Textiles, Advertising/PR, Media, Education, Photography

Direct Impact

Retail, Wholesale, Manufacturing, Textiles, Advertising/PR, Media, Education, Photography

Indirect Impact  Purchases of inputs from suppliers, suppliers' own supply chains.

Indirect Impact

Purchases of inputs from suppliers, suppliers' own supply chains.

Induced Impact  Consumer spending out of employees' wages. Food and beverages, recreation, utilities, household goods.

Induced Impact

Consumer spending out of employees' wages. Food and beverages, recreation, utilities, household goods.

Total Impact  Value-added employees, taxes.

Total Impact

Value-added employees, taxes.



More about the 4th Industrial Revolution

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A Passion for all Things Cultural and Creative

Artem is, from Latin artem (nominative ars) “work of art, Greek artizein “to prepare”), suffixed form of root *ar- “to fit together. In Middle English usually with a sense of “skill in scholarship and learning” (c. 1300), especially in the seven sciences, or liberal arts. This sense remains in Bachelor of Arts, etc. Meaning “human workmanship.” Humanity’s unique skill

The Artémis experience is delivered for a global audience with customer centricity at the centre of what we do, and developing meaningful and authentic lifelong relationships with our members. Our experiences is delivered with luxury aesthetics and an international, cultural and creative sensibility. Throughout our value chain, we express our passion for all things cultural and creative to create beautiful and accessible clothing and exceptional experiences, while championing innovations, diversity, doing good and caring deeply for others. For us, style is about a feeling, the expression of the multiple dimensions that define our identity, philosophy and expresses our values.  Learn more about us, our commitments and the characteristic strengths we value.  

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The Emotion of Fashion with the Power of Technology

Artémis is reimagining content, commerce and fashion for the transformation economy

Once we arrived at experiences as the true luxury, central to the craftsmanship of our codes are moments. We feel that the emotion of fashion is the yang that will help greatly balance the yin of innovative technological advancements into the 4th industrial era. We envision the fashion industry blossoming in its resolve to play a key role as a force for good as we move into the transformation economy.  The collective energy to greatly balance the global markets, technology and humanity. We plan to build a brand that symbolizes the passion to create brand new ideas, the joys of pursuing and discovering and methods of working to deliver the art of living well for all and always stands for the best interests of humanity.

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A Bold Technology Vision, with the Spirit of Digital

Developing a globally inter-connected system and networks for our Partners to deliver customer & humanistic centric possibilities.

When we were first presented with the challenge of reimagining content, commerce and fashion, we learned much more about the challenges and effects of the fashion industry. Our view is unique in that we are a rare combination of fashion industry expertise meets deep technology. This led to an organic pursuit of a curiosity-driven and applied research that connected and brought us globally, to arrive at a fashtech model with very focused initiatives and programs, and celebrates the best of both worlds. We consider the meaning of craft and technology to create a new interface for fashion to nourish and thrive. Our initiatives include a green credentials system to bring a more conscious approach to fashion and open source technology to bring a more cohesive fashion industry driven to provide the best experience to fashion for all. Of the challenges, it's bring to the forefront a more circular economy to the fashion industry with emotionally durable design to programs with the world's NGO's and Private Foundations that links to our global fashtech ecosystem and bridges opportunities for brands and their customers to support causes with their purchases and explore new ideas.  Our fashion genome project aims to map the qualities and characteristics of the fashion pipeline, "made in", fashion items, highlighting products that are designed to be non-disposable while catering to our members need to discover fashion that connects with them in new and exciting ways. While many life necessities have evolved into the 21st century, we’re championing a new business model to be smarter and more in line with how we actually live our lives and how it effects our world, with a view of the internet of things and that technology should always work to improve the human condition.

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Partners & Contact 

For more information on our partnerships and partner programs, please contact us here.  For general enquiries, please contact us here.

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Our Team

Daring. Experienced. Enduring.

A Canadian Entrepreneur, living between Toronto and NYC with a passion for all things cultural and creative.  She is a venture funded CEO of CMI a media and technology company recognized for their scientific research, experimental development and innovations by the Canadian Government and the Web Summit in the areas of curation, curation networks, curation platforms, sophisticated data and visual aggregation, machine learning, automation to pre-AI ecosystems, areas of deep technology.  She started her career in business development and account management: 3Com and Xerox. She built her career at Canadian fashion majors Flare Magazine and Fashion Magazine. Spearheaded the launch of Flare's lifestyle magazine Flare & Co. focused on home, interior design and art galleries, developing a new lifestyle category client list and achieving the highest sales in its duration. She identified the strategic repositioning of Fashion Magazine and it achieved its highest sales in the history of the publication and closed the distant competitive gap to become the #1 most read fashion and beauty magazine in Canada. She combined national, US and retail marketing and sales efforts and wrote the fashion agenda, while also working closely with other categories such as jewellers, music labels and art galleries. She worked to align insights across editorial, marketing, circulation, production to develop innovative initiatives to drive exciting advertising programs and build long-term vision relationships. Part of the launch team of Fashion 18, the only Canadian teen fashion publication in response to teen Vogue. The parent company Key Media was soon after acquired by St. Joseph's Media. She launched a celebrated independent art, fashion, politics and culture magazine with childhood friends with a salon approach to their office and a creative network that grew internationally with a focus on global street culture which was not covered by the mainstream fashion publications at the time. The print magazine was distributed in North America, Europe and Australia with clients such as Adidas to Diesel where she served as Publisher and Fashion Director, pioneering high fashion/street culture styling and highly conceptual menswear looks and led the investment negotiations with Now Magazine. As a teen, she worked in fashion retail for a French Canadian womenwear brand and a luxury menswear retailer. She attended University of Toronto and Ryerson University. She has worked with various publications and brands from Valentino to mass basics brands with a focus on the intersection of high fashion, luxury, arts and the cultivation of emerging global contemporary and streetwear brands, local designers and creative entrepreneurs. She continues her works as a Global Consultant to diverse industries in art, fashion, luxury, design, music, beauty, lifestyle and media, to Executives for deep tech and data strategies, global Investors for acquisition targets and governments. She has been involved as a committee member and advisor for various cultural and fashion events such as FGI Night of the Stars, Fashion Cares, Toronto Mens Fashion Week, Canada Philippine Fashion Week and Stars of the 21st Century, an international ballet gala featured at Lincoln Centre, Kremlin Palace and hosted at George V in Paris, France.  Most recently she has written about the emerging Fashtech Industry and serves as Managing Director of ACW Group & Agency a creative technology group and agency.

Prior to exploring starting ups he has been active in the investment banking sector and worked at Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan Chase, Singapore as an Analyst and offered a position with Goldman Sachs New York before deciding to resume his position with his family's business in India. He leads their garment manufacturing and an international export firm where he handles purchase, production, recruitment and sales with their clients in UK, Scandinavia for fashion brands such as Topshop and Marks & Spencer's. He also recently helped his sister launch her own leather manufacturing business. Startups founded include a dating app utilizing advanced matching algorithms and a wedding planner app that builds in an entire supply chain and connects to wedding consumers. He is co-founder of Microtron, a smart technology company, that specializes in the manufacturing of biocompatible life-style wear, energy conservation technology, printed electronics, and smart accessories.which develops technology of cutting-edge wearables and IoT integrated electronics for companies. Including, high performance technology integrated with Microcrystalline material and robotic applications and a focus on key areas of smart display technology, remote biometrics, nano sensory systems, bionics, and resistance technology. The line of products allow them to be at the forefront of the IoT movement and give new light to personal technology.  He holds an MBA from Kellogg School Northwestern University / Instituto de Emprssa Business School Madrid and a Computer Engineering degree from Nanyang University. He wrote his thesis on image recognition utilizing triangulation with a focus on AI. With strong capabilities managing and working with the engineering & AI talents in India. He is also a member of Mensa.

A senior software engineer from Ebay/Kijiji, 500px, CMI and Oanda. He enjoys solving the toughest of problems and works well under pressure. Having worked in a broad spectrum of industries and technologies provides a rich pool from where analogous situations and effective solutions may be applied in ever changing environments. His most recent works are in the innovation of image recognition and has works in aggregation, automation, machine learning. His current works in AI integrates collective data of global environ and the flow of human focused resources for on-demand with Helpful. Working closely with the Founders, previously from Salesforce, backed by top SV Investors and top AI experts deepens his AI experience. And continues to be inspired by the relationships and innovations of fellow Canadian technology scene and AI community. Learning new tools and the best practices for achieving better results and sharing them with his team provides his ongoing motivation. He loves his work and makes it fun for those who work with him. He attended Western University and is based in Toronto. 

An American menswear and womenswear fashion designer known for minimalist sportswear. Named Global Creative Director of Northface. In recent years, the brand has embarked on several high-profile fashion collaborations with the likes of Supreme, Sacai and Junya Watanabe. Taking a younger and more urban approach to its design on a mass scale, a smart strategy in attracting the sought-after Gen Z and Millennial consumer. He launched his own menswear label in 2006. He is a three time  CFDA nominee and the winner of the 2009 CFDA/Swarovski Award for Menswear. Named Creative Director for Northface. He has worked and served as Design Director for Ralph Lauren, J. Crew/Madewell, Gap, Top Shop and Uniqlo.  He attended Parsons and is based in NYC.  His own eponymous label which is sold to prestigious global stores including Barneys New York, Bergdorf Goodman (New York), Isetan (Japan) and L’Eclaireur (Paris). He was one of the earliest independent designers to collaborate with fast fashion powerhouses such as Uniqlo and Topshop. His fascination with contemporary art is nurtured by ongoing collaborations with artists.

A graphic designer who enjoys the creative life and passionate in all forms of design, aiming for quality, while taking every opportunity as a new learning experience. Comfortable in both traditional drawing mediums and digital mediums.

Artemis Fashion's Green Credentials Initiative. Adjunct professor in the sustainable development program at SIT Graduate Institute, a visiting professor of social entrepreneurism at Hampshire College, and a scholar of sustainable development and justice. She is the author of The Cultural and Political Intersection of Fair Trade and Justice; Managing a Global Industry (Palgrave, 2013), a comparative study of Andean women working in Fair Trade handicrafts and coffee, exploring topics of feminism, leadership, consumerism, indigenousness, and well-being. She is a Fulbright Scholar and her next book explores, The Cultural and Environmental Intersection of Sustainable Development, which will be a comparative study of the socio-economic and environmental effects of Fair Trade, organic certification, and conventional petro-chemical production of quinoa in Bolivia.


Global Network

During our development, Artemis Advisors are amongst those whom have shaped and led the global fashion industry as CEO's, executives and professionals. In addition, a global network in finance, technology, academic institutions, NGO's, brands, private philanthropy, fintech, blockchain, privacy and security, governments, travel and tourism organizations, local level businesses, associations and startups from around the world, involved in the world's most innovative works and companies. Through our network, our aim is to interconnect the fashion industry and multi-disciplinary stakeholders to reimagine fashion, content and commerce for web 3.0.

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