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Introducing a new style rhythm for your life with emotionally durable design experiences.  Our collections combine a global chic aesthetic with great attention to material, colour and detail. Our mission is to make luxury looks and experiences more of an every day possibility by delivering exceptional experiences that does not always mean being the most expensive, but always designed for luxury performance with the dimensions of novelty, variety and challenge.  We take our members on a style journey across the luxury spectrum from entree to bespoke.

Monthly Collections

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Monthly drops exclusively for our home try-on subscription or scheduled services. Select items will be available in our concept shop and our showroom salon & boudoir. We translate the fast fashion experience into a collectible “fast fashion” luxury segment, for everyday luxury experience. With a youthful spirit, from streetwear and URL to the feeling of cult favourites and niche cultures that appeals to a connoisseur-like sensibility. An exquisitely paced experience in the contemporary moment and luxury as it is lived today. Our monthly collections takes an art direction and stylist approach to nuanced details to refresh one's wardrobe and foundation collection. From specialty small batches to exciting exclusive collaborations with our global ecosystem partners to co-creations with our members. We take you on a style expedition each month -- an array of artistic and design experiences from sophisticated nods to on-trend looks, contemporary recontextualization, ingredient branding to couture sampling for a playground of embellishment and experimentation. A monthly exhibit of ideas, themes, craft and unexpected collaborations from the cool to objets d'art and cultural curiosities, for a new world of collectibles. We invite our members to experience our new luxury rhythm at direct to consumer rates, delivered to the comforts of your home. The value for the experience is sure to surprise and delight.

Style rhythm: Monthly

Feel: participantS & Souvenirs 

Foundation Collections

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Our foundation collection establishes our carefully researched and codified classics of tried and true fashion staples. 100+ pieces of the world's fashionistas most beloved essential luxuries and designed to be evergreen. Rooted with strong fundamentals in the luxury aesthetic, with attention to subtle detailing and heritage techniques. The design approach to the foundation collection is inspired by architecture, the art world, scandinavian design, global creatives and influenced by American sportswear. Focus on fit, rich fabrications and refined italian tailoring forms the design language to meet the practical needs of the everyday urban cosmopolitan to the savoury resort town, while also challenging your style sensibilities. Released bi-annually and available exclusively on Artemis' concept shop, home try-on services or with a dressing appointment at our salon & boudoir. Thought and care to environmental performance, affordable luxuries and as investments into your wardrobe to transcend the seasonal collections and free you to create a dressing ritual for your life and paths. This style foundation performs as both effortless minimalist chic or as it sets the stage as a canvas to be styled and expressed upon, creating infinite combinations for your looks and life experiences.

Style rhythm: bi-annually

feel: Heroes & keepsakes


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Our ready-to wear collection is for one's indulgences and regenerative new heights of style. A strong identity, designed to standout on its own or as complementary to your iconics and cultivated personal expressions and values. A rigorous approach to performance luxury with a playful sensuality. A specialized focus on footwear, accessories, eveningwear, luxury sportswear and outerwear. From daring new silhouettes and full creative explorations, from unexpected textures and fabrications to bold colour combinations to artisan and master craftsman techniques from around the world.  Statement worthy, objects of desire, for a new world of glamour, elegance, possibilities, multi-dimensionality and fantasy come to life. Whether for the pleasures and feats of celebration, or for your grander paths that position you for self-made triumphs to the simple joys of adding refinements to your day to day. We explore thoughts of inter-generational creations and the journey of know how to acquire luxury quality for the ever evolving new luxury customer. We create for those purposeful efforts of both your special moments and everyday. Our ready-to-wear collections are presented each year for Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter, available through select worldwide stockists. Limited edition items available exclusively for our members in the concept shop or in person at our showroom salon & boudoir.

Style rhythm: Spring/Summer and fall/winter

feel: Trophies & Heirlooms


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All Artemis products are made with fine, high quality made materials.  Please refer to each garment's individual care tag for specific care instructions.  Learn more about extending the value of products with our product care and lifecycle guide. For additional questions regarding care and lifecycle, please contact us.

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