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Artemis' state of the art global digital flagship caters to the the rhythms of the modern life and an inter-connected world in a playful, fashionable and quintessential way. Always for the modes of wonderment, experimentation and new routes of amazement, because it's about the cumulative moments that makes for a rich life. The Artemis style and wellness journey is designed for experiences as the true luxury of today, the emotionally significant value is the memory, to own a souvenir of that experience; an investment approach to fashion, luxury and wellness within each member's individual lifestyle portfolio. A radically new way of thinking about materiality and environmental performance with an enduring relationship approach to connections and space and above all, time, for those with a wellness mindset. The freedom to explore as you wish within a thriving digital cosmopolitanism, a way of life, for your "phygital" playground that frees your time to have all that you want, curated at your fingertips.  Enigmatic journeys for our members to join, open to individual interpretations, empowering each member with the service to shape and elevate an experience closest to how they've fantasized it and desire to live it -- personally, socially and economically.  See how all of these experiences come together to create a very special  journey for you.

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Complements to Your personalized Journey

Artemis Style Journal

Participate, save, shared Member's Lifestyle Compilations

Member Personalized Dossier 

When you become a member, we start your journey with getting to know you.  Each member is uniquely serviced with their own member personalized dossier and lifestyle portfolio. Your style journey is optimized by our deep desire and commitment to provide a best in class luxury service that invests in a lifelong relationship with each member focused on the art of living well, your way. Personalization becomes ever more refined as we learn more about your tastes, creating a more bespoke offering of recommendations that evolves with each experience.

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AI Lifestylist Service

Experience the transformative power of AI for your life, when Artemis AI continuously works on your behalf, in one convenient lifestylist service dashboard that is inter-connected to a global ecosystem. Informed by your personalized dossier, Artemis AI perpetually represents your best interests as it analyzes the benefits to your goals, lifestyle and values and customizes recommendations for you.

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The Fashion Gallery

Curate the looks and wardrobe you love. We bring the worlds of fashion to you in the Artémis Fashion Gallery, browse through the best fashion content from around the world, easily accessible for your convenience, information and inspiration.  At any time, you can save, access, shop the looks you love.

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Fashion Magazines

Fashion moments

Fashion Exhibits

The Discover Room

Presenting The Discover Room -- because fashion is so much more than the clothes you wear, it's about an expression of who you are and the way you live and that it evolves as you explore, experiment and discover more about yourself and experience the world.  We understand that life is enhanced by exceptional experiences and special moments. The Discover Room is for your ever refining tastes and fascinations that spark creativity and appreciation for the full extents of what life has on offer. The Discover Room curates a cultural menu that links with your personal dossier for what you may want or feel to experience and everything worth knowing about for living well. From fashion to film, architecture to design, travel to adventure, comfort dining to the culinary, health & fitness, outdoor concerts to local bands, gardening to foreign language lessons and much more. Discover the exceptionally created products, services and experiences from around the world, for those life moments. #goals #todo #wantit #itsworthy #liveboldly #livewell #livewithpassion

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Products, Services & Experiences From Around the World

For those with an attitude of insatiable curiosity for life and knowledge. A global selection of curated quality of life enriching products, services and experiences for you to discover and save to your personalized dossier, because experiences push us further.

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The Concept Shop

The Concept Shop caters to each visit and a range of shopping preferences, whether mission specific, event driven, life phases or a careful selection of the special and one of a kind.   

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The Culture Bar

Knowledge is the new luxury. Reinventions and lifelong learning for a healthy mindset and feels intrinsically fulfilling. Vitamins for your intelligence and nourishment for your heart. From a daily curated skim of happenings to more in-depth special programs to moments to return to innocence. Mingle, listen in or participate in the cultural conversations with the most fascinating, creative and intriguing INFLUENCES of our time or simply enjoy the music playlists or scroll through the talked about ideas. The Culture Bar inter-connects you with a global network of members and partners from around the world for a multi-disciplinary dialogue. Whether by URL or IRL, we introduce profiles to you daily, meant to feel serendipitous. Access themed programs to Artemis hosted events and connect with other members and partners, most of whom have a vested interest in the cultural, creative and multi-disciplinary knowledge and industries.

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Early morning Chat: Soon everyone will become their own brand

Self actualization in the transformation economy and unprecedented access to the tools and capabilities to do so. What will that look like, why does it matter, how will one go about building their own brand, image, reputation capital and what kind of effect will that have on a new generation with the power to create the life they dream of for themselves, their world.

Michael Craig-Martin

Michael Craig-Martin

Every Wednesday we spark the midweek with an early morning chat with one topic with a pre-selected panel on a range of themes and ideas from art, beauty, fashion, music, technology to business and entrepreneurship to design, photography and sports to cultural narratives surfacing and global happenings of interest from our in-house team, members and partners. Together we explore subjects from various and often unexpected viewpoints for a culmination of seriousness, glamour and lightness for an hour. Listen in at any moment of the hour from wherever you are in the world from any desktop, handheld or mobile device.  Join the conversation from our mobile flagship.  

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South Korea is the latest point of entry into the ever-changing fashion sphere as more talent emerges from there than ever before. Seoul’s cool, creative spirit has landed it a coveted spot as one of the most intriguing fashion weeks on the planet and it for sure has the diverse artistry to back up the claim. The international community has steadily called upon the prospering city to tap into the new wave of authority on modelling, fashion, entertainment and photography.


Running parallel to Milan's furniture fair and where today's brightest minds talk business and ideas. We take a look at the fashion styles of the attendees and ideas that include a return to materiality and rediscovering the process of the craftsman, its role in the specificity of place. Fuorisalone is a series of citywide events dedicated to design and looking at the evolutions in the way we live -- different ways of using the home and inhabiting a city and turning to Italy's artisans with a look to the timeless classics of daily life. There was a focus on rethinking how design is manufactured to how to bridge Italian craftmanship with contemporary design.  There was an aim to challenge Italian Artisans with new design with an emphasis on local manufacturing and time honoured techniques. The message, sometimes in order to look forward, you have to look back.

Read more about our experience: The Vibe, Where to Eat, Where to Stay, Where to Shop, What to Wear, People, Must Try, Exciting Discoveries and other practical things such as Getting Around.


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