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Fashion Industry

Fashion Industry Economic Impact: 1-2% of global GDP, it is the 6th largest economy in the world. 20% of top fashion companies generated 144% of economic value. The fashion industry is made up of 80% SME’s, in 2018 $6T of capital went unallocated. 60M people are employed by the fashion industry, 80% of them women, with domain expertise, lifestyle and local business aspirations, less than 2.2% of women are venture funded. It is a $2.5T industry and expected to double within 5 years, it has direct, indirect, induced, total economic effects.

To date, the fashion industry remains fragmented from 20th century models. In a digital economy, it requires a unified data infrastructure for optimized operational and data flows that benefits more fashion industry stakeholders. In addition, capture the exponential rise globally with cross border ecommerce transactions. In tandem, the industry realizes the imperative for a cooperative and vertically integrated fashion system, such as a data fashion pipeline from raw materials to consumer, to create a regenerative and circular new model to systematically and pragmatically shift the fashion industry’s environmental impact as the 2nd largest industry polluter in the world, to sustainable leadership performance and a more optimized system that creates ever increasing value economically and for society.

We’re excited to be part of the early dawn of ecommerce and a new wave of creativity on the horizon of multi-experiential commerce, with humanity at the core. We believe in creating value that optimizes for smart power, where members leverage their social and consumer capital to connect and remix connection experiences to create the humanity of commerce. And where inspired brands reimagine their value propositions and new ways to grow their brand equity within a market network that enables meaningful connections and virtuous cycles of positive impact.  

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When life is inspired, it makes us feel fully alive. Connected, happy, loved, fulfilled, emboldened, desired. It can feel deeply meaningful and because fashion is inspired by experiences and experiences creates the atmosphere for special moments, it creates a space in our soul that stays with us for a lifetime. At Artémis, we’re committed to doing the things that make your life better, like working out, eating right, spending time with friends, and meeting new people. We are that someone who strives to constantly expand your horizons, growing with you, and exposing you to interesting new things, while creating a better world.

  • The Artemis Feeling

  • New Luxury & Wellness

  • Smart Power - a virtuous new ecosystem of patrons of economies, sophisticated consumer society and meaningful brands

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Learn more about our global fashtech ecosystem, partner programs and smart partnerships.

  • Relevant engagement, direct to consumer & multi-commerce touch points

  • Humanity of commerce and building new dimensions of brand equity into the 4th industrial with real-time capabilities, insights & science and positive net impacts.

  • Smart Power - interconnected economic to consumer metrics, multi-disciplinary stakeholders and alignment


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  • Country profiles & international platform

  • Cultural smart power & participation

  • Greater access and exchange of knowledge, skills, opporunities

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Spirit of Digital

  • URL engagement & communities of interests

  • Global participation & Personal Data Ownership

  • Reputation Capital & Peer to Peer Trust



  • Locales and IRL engagement - local businesses, services, experiences, networks, groups, clubs

  • Healthier people and communities

Smart Cities

  • Improving all aspects of quality of life and sustainability

  • Green space, culture, eco living, environment, diversity, entrepreneurship, entertainment, intergenerational care, leisure



Global Fashtech Ecosystem

Interconnected Marketplace

Fashion Genome Project

Fashion’s unique qualities, characteristics and attributes for a global audience


Fashion’s Green Credentials

Transparency & sustainability performance


Consumer System Network

  • Deep learning & explainability

  • AI, ML, MV

  • Interoperability

Economic Design & Inclusivity

  • 4D P&L, 3D value chain

  • Synergistic equity & utility tokenization concept

  • New global flows and trades

Web 3.0

  • Personalized contextual ecosystem

  • Algorithmic market network

  • Optimize data flows


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