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Featuring world-class digital amenities and a portfolio of global luxury brands, products, services, experiences and apps curated at your fingertips. Modern design and cutting edge technology, combined with the comforts of luxury, surpass your lifestyle goals and design your life with an unparalleled new view, for a perpetually refining journey of tastes and fascinations with personalized and bespoke services, for the art of living well, your way.  


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A new kind of fashion. Artemis is a new luxury and wellness minded lifestyle brand. Personalized state of the art digital flagship and direct to consumer member rates. See how all of these experiences come together to create a very special experience for you.  

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Experience luxury every day. Category defining digital amenities and a curation of the world’s brands, services, locations and apps, informed by our members on all the essential luxuries they need and desire for their everyday life and pleasures.

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Your AI powered lifestylist service

Transformative consumer experiences. Artemis offers a universally free AI service. AI that analyzes, matches and connects fashion, luxury, lifestyle and wellness experiences on your behalf, in a convenient contextual dashboard.

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A global vanguard of style and wellness network. They access our fashtech ecosystem, a global marketplace of fashion, luxury and lifestyle brands and services for the immediacy of your life styling and wellbeing.

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