Fashion's Green Credentials

Bringing a more circular economy to the fashion industry & sustainable environmental performance

Fashion's Green Credentials is an early initiative to bring a more conscious and sustainable approach to the fashion industry, to become more of a fashion system in that, elements are considered as ‘fitting in’ their infrastructure, environment and social context that fosters a collective commitment. FGC is to be developed in collaboration with our Global Partners to provide fashion consumers with more transparency in their decision making process and making more sustainable choices. 

    Working in concert to provide a holistic view of the positive impacts and with consideration to always better attaining exemplary environmental performance and an inter-connected environmental management system as an industry.

    It is a program for worldwide use.  It includes a set of rating systems for the fashion industry that aims to help be environmentally responsible and use resources efficiently. With our scholars, we explore environmental concepts such as The Blue EconomyC2C with inspiration from the LEED certification program that started with six volunteers on one committee to 119,924 staff, volunteers and professionals. Today, LEED standards have been applied to approximately 83,452 registered and certified LEED projects worldwide, covering around 13.8 billion square feet (1.28 billion square meters)

    Similarly, Fashion's Green Credentials will encompass a rating systems for the design, creation and operation throughout a brand's entire value and supply chain. Five overarching categories correspond to the specialties available under the program. That suite currently consists of:

    • Raw Materials
    • Textiles
    • Manufacturing Operations & Maintenance
    • Design Development
    • Fashion Products

    Within the Artemis platform, we explore transformative solutions with our Partner's and provide inputs for them to communicate their sustainability commitments, achievements and recognitions. Key themes emerging in the fashion industry are transparency, inclusivity, the circular economy and diversity. These principles are interwoven and inter-connected with an approach to human rights, sustainability, economic footprints and social investments. Here are a few examples that many of our Partners will already feature as corporate responsibility commitments on their profiles:

    The Artemis Partner platform & tools, will provide an annual built-in application process for fashion brands and the efficiency of online approval. Upon approval an FGC marque will be featured on the Partner profile for each category area applicable. The FGC marque is available to be utilized on official sites and promotional material.



    For more information or to get involved, please contact us here.


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