She is the rare combination of confident and racy; elegant, independent, family and loved ones oriented and refreshingly perpetually youthful. 

Her true luxury are her experiences, whether sharing experiences, a desire to celebrate things, to have beautiful pieces with a real appreciation for those life moments and gifting.

She is visually attractive, interesting and lives with passion. She is constantly defining new frontiers for herself. She is the type of woman with worthy goals, a sense of purpose and knows what truly matters to her. To live an exceptional life, wellness is very important to her. She is chic, intelligent, sexy, strong, playful, fiery and curious. 

She loves fashion and indulges in luxury, she also knows that she will play a role in the changing international economic landscape. She is intriguing, fun and youthful. She surprises you, fascinates you and makes you smile. She tends to make you better. She is fully immersed in life, she travels, she’s willing to climb mountains, surf waves, likes to explore and is happy to make a home cooked meal for loved ones and entertains with grace and style or is well on her way. She is interested in other cities, cultures and the world. She has an open mind and an open heart, that makes her strong, she isn’t afraid to experience new things. This sense of adventure translates into her work, play, travel and home. She’s comfortable with who she is, and knows she is beautiful in her own unique way, she feels it, and is radiant, you see it in her eyes and in her smile. She isn’t afraid to show you who she is, she has a natural ease to her and makes those around her feel comfortable.

She is sophisticated, smart and can carry an intellectual conversation about something for which she is passionate. She will challenge you and make you think, you will always be fascinated by what she has to say. She has an array of interests and hobbies. She has many things in her life that define her. She is interesting, has a bit of an edge and isn’t afraid to show it. Her differences are what set her apart from everyone else. She's not easily defined as one type of woman. She has a vision of whom she wants to be in the future. She dreams big and doesn't shy from ambition. Whether mythological, legendary, iconic, much admired and adored or girl crush.  It's a burning desire to create the life she dreams of, to do what she loves, what's authentic to her. She's self defining. Striving for achievement or on the fast track. She might not be there yet, but she is on the right path.

She lives her life to the fullest and values the freedom to choose, it doesn’t always mean it’s about the most extravagant things because she has fun doing just about anything. She appreciates the little things, the simple pleasures and treasures the time she gets to spend with loved ones and the people closest to her. She makes you laugh out loud, whether it’s her sharp wit or her corny jokes, she can always be counted on to lighten the mood. She has the best laugh.

She is curious and loves to learn, she asks many questions, her curiosity will allow her to get to know the world in a way most never do, and that is why she is beloved to many, she is just as curious about those nearest and dearest. On her path to fulfilling her own hopes and dreams, she will also be your biggest supporter. This woman will surprise you everyday with her kindness and generosity. And, if you ever need anything, she will be there for you without hesitation. She will let you in and help you discover the amazing person you are. She will inspire you to not only be a better person, but also a better human being.

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