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Artémis is thrilled to partner with brand affiliate programs within our global fashtech ecosytem and also websites and blogs on the vanguard of innovation in fashion, lifestyle, design, and beauty. As a member of the program, please enjoy the benefits below:


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How to Sign Up?

Complete the online application to become a member of the Artemis Affiliate Program. You can also email us AFFILIATES@ARTEMISWORLD.CO


Artémis Fashionista Society

A gathering place within the Culture Bar for global-minded professionals to gather and connect. A community of the world's fashionable and intriguing women of our time - women who are striving for achievement, women who are independent and accomplished, the soccer mom - career/business woman and the fast tracker, all of whom have a strong desire to network and connect, inspire and be inspired by other like minded women from around the world.  

We interviewed 1000+ global minded women from around the world, we asked them what's on their professional agendas for the year, and it was vast, anything from more access to creative talent for a passion project, working towards a promotion, access to capital for a new business venture to Executives interested in getting involved in a non-profit organization.

Almost all indicated that building up a good business network has become essential to business success, which they relate to the quality of their personal life and contributions they are able to make in society, the world. Meeting new people, sharing experiences and paying it forward is something they all valued. Opportunities for more bonding experiences with other women is important to building relationships and professional capital.  

We thought, what better way to connect stylish professionals from around the world, women who represent various industries and professions, than a shared love of fashion.  We also wanted to do more than connect, we wanted to create a culture that moved professional agendas forward.  To start, we thought of an inaugural Fashionista 500.  F500 women will be thoughtfully selected from 50+ countries around the world.  We are also forming a global council, Executives from around the world with a commitment to mentoring and advising women professionals and entrepreneurs. And a multi-local council who are connecting local opportunities.

We spotlight these women as they provide a snapshot of contemporary culture through their lens as they share what they are wearing and doing in the context of their day to day life at work, play, travel and home. The industries and professions range from business to creative, fashion to art, current affairs to industry happenings, resulting in an ongoing archive of authentically diverse styles of women around the world and ideas by many different voices.  

Their works could take our community from a curated theme, including in-depth conversations with respected figures across a wide range of disciplines, innovative fashion posts, thought-provoking comments and insights in science, legal, medicine and humanitarian efforts to original works, inspirational music, concerts to the world's most celebrated photographers and artists or simply a glimpse of their day.

Their day to day reality is anything from buying for a luxury retailer, the life of a tech x art entrepreneur, profiles with political leaders, programming for a major television network, shaping the careers and brands of up and coming celebrities to academia settings to artisan farms and flower shops. They add new dimensions and narratives to who women are in society.

The benefits are first and foremost being a part of an inspiring global network, learning from each other's experiences, building new relationships and benefiting from the collective power of our community to ensure that we are bridging opportunities to make more and more things possible.

We encourage the Fashionistas to challenge themselves and their networks to explore and maintain an uncompromising stance on originality and expression of their individuality. Active engagement is the foundation to developing ideas, opinions and ultimately, exciting new experiences and endeavours. We benefit from respecting other's ideas and expertise, but most of all, it's about enjoying each other's company, not taking ourselves too seriously and having fun!

At Artemis, we believe that by gathering a network of professional women from around the world, we can both enjoy the company of inspiring women, inspire others and consider how we can achieve a better state of women in the workplace, in business and in humanitarian and philanthropic endeavours around the world.

Read more on the current state of women in the workplace here. 


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