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The New Bespoke luxury

Where Membership is Free and each member is uniquely serviced


As a member, cut through the digital noise to access an array of pleasures to bring you in the moment with on-demand clarity or leisurely exploration into a world of highly curated fashion, luxury and lifestyle experiences. Enjoy the perks of membership with a highly personalized experience within a digital luxury environment. Kick back on your device of choice to enjoy member rates for our monthly, foundation and ready-to-wear collections, complemented with thoughtfully selected brands, products and services from around the world for a transformative lifestylist experience.

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NEW LUXURY & wellness, a NEw GENERATION Consumer System

Introducing Artémis 

A data native company. The first of its kind, fashtech global luxury lifestyle brand with personalization at our core. We endeavour to share a lifelong journey with our members on the entire luxury spectrum from entree to bespoke. A fashion, luxury & lifestyle digital world, while championing fashion as a force for good within our communities and society as a whole, and where wellness is designed from a systemic level for a healthy, diverse, thriving and vibrant ecosystem.

The desire and global cadence for more luxury experiences, drives our resolve to create a world of every day luxuries for our members, through our collections and as a personalized style destination. Artémis is a diplomatic brand that continually learns to interconnect and create innovative distribution to deliver a new generation of customer and human centric experiences, for a best in class luxury service.

We’re transforming fashion, luxury and lifestyle, to converge with wellness and communities of interests, so you can transform your life experiences, with a tap of a button.

The art of living well, your way

The New Luxury Behaviour

Within our collections we offer exquisite value by creating beautiful products made to be collectible and emotionally significant to each member's life. We do this by exploring couture qualities, challenging the notion of what is luxury to them in each item, shifting away from today's fashion segments and markets to that of the individual to bridge new ideas and opportunities that creates a more carefully cultivated fashion experience for our members.


The paths to living the good life are now plentiful and ever more abundant, this excites and attracts an international community of members that are decidedly scales of variations for more than the ordinary or the way things have always just been done. This in turn sparks for us to guide this drive with a kind of love that creates unique experiences that is at once based on mutual benefit, synergy and also nurtures and challenges the best in each, to provide a perpetual and ever evolving style journey.  A dynamic engagement of modernity that celebrates human qualities, heritage craftsmanship and cultural locales around the world.


Our progressive and forward looking approach informs the continuous creation focused on the art of living well, uniquely personalized for each member's life.  Built with sensitivities for the beauty of the human spectrum of emotions, moods and time. From one's present; real-time activations to micro-moments, to that of immediacy and on-demand, context to one's rituals and traditions, with a long-term view of one's ever refining vision. Our aim is to deliver experiences that are always relevant to our member's goals, lifestyle and values, for the busy and discerning modern consumer. 

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Next generation luxury servicing within a contextual algorithmic ecosystem

High touch meets deep tech



Our collections anchors the style experience with high creative expression in design with direct to consumer member rates within a personalized state of the art digital and mobile flagship. Experience a new style rhythm in a seamless, refined and entertaining style journey.



Self actualization and lifestyle performance guide for our busy and discerning members. AI designed to connect on your behalf and customize fashion, luxury and lifestyle recommendations for the way you dress, the way you shop, the way you live and improves with each experience.



A collaborative vertically-integrated fashion, luxury and lifestyle ecosystem that puts you at the centre of what we do. Built for on-demand and highly personalized recommendations. We service and connect members and brands from around the world. 



To bring inspiration and innovation to people’s lives every day and make luxury looks and experiences more of an everyday possibility

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Where Fashion meets Wellness, join our Community

A highly personalized experience, where you can shop, discover, mingle and be entertained. We combine the Artémis monthly, foundation and ready to wear collections and the world's fashion, lifestyle and luxury brands to provide you with many paths for your style and wellness journey.


Fashion as a force for good — To accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable consumerism and empower human energy to fulfill evermore dreams, needs and experiences

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Brands & Partnerships

Artémis EcosyStem

Connect with global customers in deeper and more meaningful ways

Luxury Fashion AI

We are building a data rich ecosystem to host the most exciting and innovative brands, products and services from around the world. All of whom are creating clothing and lifestyle experiences with the upmost quality and care in mind. From local artisans, emerging designers and entrepreneurs to the world's most coveted luxury brands See the full list here. Learn more about our technology, initiatives, partner programs and services and a new way to promote your brand in a highly relevant, engaging and personalized way for our busy and discerning members.

INITIATIVES / Technology / partner programs/ partner services



Our platform is embedding technology into our core business thinking to deliver an inter-connected system, an array of partner tools, actionable data and exceptional customer centric experiences for our members and partners, utilizing AI and next generation agile retailing capabilities, within a data rich environment and collaborative approach. Learn more.


Inspired by the technology brands who made cultural experiences more accessible around the world. Pandora for music, Netflix for film, Artsy for art. Making fashion's unique qualities and characteristics accessible to all. Learn more.


Creating more transparency throughout the entire fashion supply chain to bring a more circular economy to fashion with emotional durable design, more sustainable practices and transformative solutions.  Learn more.

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